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About Us

Morningchildtech is about artistic culture that expresses via technology for the development of web design, multimedia and phonographical works. Our common ground between these fields is a combination of art, passion, engineering principles and a constant strive for excellence. Traditional marketing and disemmination solutions by them selves, now days are not even near being functional. It is a balanced combinations of creativity, desire for passion and technology, that makes us generate tailored solutions for each customer. For any questions, or pricing do not hesitate to contact us thru our Contat Us form.

Morningchildtech... Where Art, Web Development, Music and Multimedia converge.

Web Design

Social media and marketing architecture.


One Stop Multimedia and Digital Services.

Phono graphical

Listen to our catalog of some of our best works.

Web Development

Elegant, cross platform design that makes a bold statement.

In Morningchildtech we take a grate deal of attention understanding our clients requirements and business rules, in order to propose an optimum solution. We develop from an e-commerce webstite, web or native application, to even a custom solution. We also understand that a strong, defined web presence is critical to any business now days. Mobile now represents 65 percent of digital media time. This said, all our developments are intended to be cross-platform.

Social Network Management

“Hope is NOT a good career strategy. Don’t leave your career to chance, promote yourself!”


Dan Shawbell

Using social media networks as a marketing tool, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to mention a few, can highly increase the
engagement of targeted audience,converting them in loyal customers, there for profits for your business!.

Should I Do It Myself?

One can do this task on its own, if ones knowledge, personal time and effort are not an issue. But when you must be focused on creating, managing a business or innovating your product. You need someone who can do this efficiently. This resulting in engagement of targeted clientele and hence profit.

What can we do for you?

Well, if you are reading this part, we may assume you are serious in developing your web presence and marketing strategy.

We have different plans for different marketing goals. Always giving the client the most efficient budget vs audience reach ratio.

How can we do it?

-Increasing website traffic
-Building conversions
-Raising brand awareness
-Creating a brand identity and positive brand association
-Improving communication and interaction with key audiences

Multimedia Works

Grammy Award Winning Record Intro - "Barrio Fino"

Pop Latin Production

Urban production

Urban production and concept

Bachata composition

Urban composition and production

Urban Gospel production

Gospel Worship Production

Our Services

Web Development

Social Network Arquitecture


Musical Production

Musical Production

Step 1.

Song Selection

One of the critical components
that directly impact a sound recording,
is a good melody with great lyrics.
Either you're a song writer or need
superb lyrics, we have a vast
catalog and resources of talented
Grade A professional composers
for all genres of music.


Step 2.


On this step we basically record live instruments, main vocals, choruses and we edit all of our tracks for final product. Its very important we don't have to do any major changes or any at all at mix stage.


Step 3.


At this point we must have a session
intended to end as a final product
after mixing. No editing is supposed
to be done. Never the less if
something just doesn't feel right
it can be muted or eliminated,
but no major changes.